Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Management Tips You Can Use as a REALTOR®

The old saying “time is money” seems more appropriate nowadays than ever. Here are some suggestions to make sure that in your work day, as another old saying goes, every second counts:

Get out of the office only when absolutely necessary – The Triangle is one of the most wired communities in America, so clients like taking virtual tours of homes via online video first over having to make time to travel to each residence. With tools like this at your disposal, you can save time with them narrowing down properties they really want to see in person, as well as cut out unnecessary driving between homes that can take out a substantial portion of your day.

Organize with common sense – You don’t want to show a house in Morrisville on a late weekday afternoon and then fight traffic on I-40 heading back to Raleigh, so don’t do it unless absolutely necessary for a client. If you must make that appointment, then stop somewhere for supper or schedule some needed errands in the area to perform while traffic dies down. You are saving yourself aggravation and helping yourself at the same time.

Waiting time should not be wasted time – If you have a meeting with a client, assume that he or she will be late and have work available for you to handle in the meantime. Technology makes it easy to work whenever and wherever on virtually anything nowadays, so take advantage of it. (

Prioritize your working time – This means more than just organizing oneself so as to accomplish the needed tasks in a day. You need to know exactly where to spend your time and where not to spend your time to beat your competition. (

If you have other timesaving tricks you would like to share, feel free to leave them in the Comments section.

Photo Source: Anibal Pees Labory

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