Monday, October 11, 2010

Do You Have Tips for Your Clients on Moving Day?

It’s a simple question, but one that some real estate agents still answer with a “no.” If you are one of them, we would recommend you change it to “yes” ASAP, particularly in today’s challenging market to serve homebuyers.

An agent should have at least one handout of basic information available for the buyer to consult for the big move. It should tell them what actions to take in their preparation for relocating to the new property, as well as what steps should occur first when they arrive at their residence.

Besides impressing your customers with your thoroughness, this tip sheet can leverage your relationship with moving companies, haulers and others who do considerable business with people on their moving days. This is because you can refer to them as recommended companies for your customers to use when moving.

If you do not feel you have the time to create a personalized list, REALTOR® Magazine offers a variety of handouts you can print and distribute to your clients as needed, from moving in with a pet to packing tips.

Additionally, if you have the capability of hosting videos on your website, or have a link to YouTube or other similar online outlets, create a short instructional video explaining exactly what your clients should do and can expect to happen when moving into a home. The interactive touch will be appreciated by many clients and can even promote your business to potential customers when word spreads about the helpful video you are providing. An example is what this Massachusetts REALTOR® created:

For more advice on creating a moving day tip sheet or video for your clients, feel free to contact us at RRAR at (919) 654-5400.

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