Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Neighborhood Highlight: Historic Oakwood

For homebuyers wanting an emphasis on local heritage, Historic Oakwood is one neighborhood guaranteed to meet their needs. Many homes dating back to the 1800s are preserved as best as possible and reflect the architectural styles of the period, including most having a porch in front or back of the home (or on both). Oakwood is listed as an historic district in the National Register of Historic Places, and thus all exterior changes are subject to design review by the Raleigh Historic Districts Commission in order to maintain the impression of the neighborhood’s heritage.

This emphasis in upkeep has helped keep average home prices in Historic Oakwood higher than most other parts of Wake County, starting currently in most places from the $230s and going up to seven figures in some cases. As of the year 2000, about 27 percent of Historic Oakwood’s residents age 25 or older held a bachelor’s or more advanced degree. The median age of its residents was 36 years old, and the median annual household income was $37,700. The average household size was 1.7 people/household.
The boundaries of Historic Oakwood can be confusing, as it includes part of Oakwood east of the State Capitol (plus a section to the south between Bloodworth and East streets not officially included in Oakwood) and part of Oakdale east of Peace College. The northern border is loosely bounded by Franklin and Boundary streets, while the eastern border is the Historic Oakwood Cemetery. From there, Historic Oakwood runs south to Edenton Street and west to Person Street. Other major routes include Elm and Jones streets.
There are major social events every quarter, from the fall pig pickin’ to the annual December Candlelight Tour. Historic Oakwood also includes St. Augustine’s College, a co-ed, historically black liberal arts college affiliated with the Episcopal Church. Some distinctive businesses dot the area as well, such as Oakwood CafĂ© Raleigh, Raleigh’s only Argentinean and Cuban restaurant. The one that comes to mind to most people, however, is the mainstay 24/7 Krispy Kreme Donuts shop at the intersection of Person and Boundary.

If your clients love the charm of antebellum and Victorian styles of architecture and enjoy construction and preservation, you cannot go wrong with Historic Oakwood. Its unique status as well as convenient location next to downtown Raleigh make it a winner for those who love city life but want a relaxed atmosphere at home.

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