Friday, September 24, 2010

Four Tips on Maximizing Your Real Estate Brand on LinkedIn

As LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media tools, as well as generates top SEO hits on Google, you should already have a company listing on it. However, just putting the basic information – your name and picture and a description about your business, along with connections to the people you know on LinkedIn – will not promote your firm very effectively apart from people already looking for it (or you).

What you need to do is take the following actions to be proactive

1. Update Your Profile Frequently – LinkedIn sends weekly updates to its members about activities involving their connections. You can make this report easily simply by adding new information about a new featured home for sale, a product or service your firm is introducing or an announcement about an award or honor you or your business have just won. It gives you a convenient way to remind your connections about your activities and thus keeps you in mind when they want or need to do business with you.

2. Provide Responses on LinkedIn Answers – This page allows you to post your comments to any queries asked by people in your network. By showing you have correct information, you confirm your reputation as a real estate expert to a wide audience. This is because every time the questioner picks your answer best, you gain a point of expertise on LinkedIn. The more points of expertise you earn, the higher you appear on lists of experts on the website, giving you extra credibility. Don’t be afraid to ask a question there either, particularly if the answer can gain you valuable new connections to make along with solving your dilemma.

3. Participate in LinkedIn Groups – Both member-generated discussions and news appear on this page, designed to cover the most popular discussions going on in your areas of interest. By frequently commenting on these discussions, you can become a Top Influencer in your group and build your reputation accordingly. You can also send out invitations to people who are not members of your group – or even of LinkedIn – and when they accept, they automatically join the group, adding to your sphere of influence.

4. Connect LinkedIn With Your Other Social Media Outlets – You can update your status on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously, thus saving yourself time spreading the information as well as unifying your presence on all of them. This can interest people who know you on one social media account to join you on one or more of the others, which again will spread word about you and your firm to more potential customers.

If you would like more hints about how to use LinkedIn effectively, contact us at (919) 654-5414. We would be more than happy to talk with you about it.

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