Monday, August 16, 2010

Neighborhood Highlight: Glenwood South


Glenwood South is a unique and growing location in downtown Raleigh. This area is swiftly transforming into one of Raleigh’s most popular places. Bounded on the north by West Peace Street, east to Dawson Street, west to St. Mary’s Street and south to Morgan Street, Glenwood South covers 110 out of 126 blocks that make up Downtown Raleigh.

This popular location typically features condominiums that sell for about $350/foot, meaning that a 1200-square-foot condo goes for about $420,000. A home in Glenwood South has an average cost of $399,900. These prices make Glenwood South the second most expensive neighborhood to live in Raleigh behind North Hills.

Yet even with high prices, the Glenwood South area continues to attract a large numbers of residents, especially singles. According to the U.S. Census, more than 70 percent of the residents in this area consist of singles and young professionals.

The increasingly metropolitan Downtown Raleigh area also features numerous attractions and landmarks for tourists and residents such as historical interests, boutiques, bars, and restaurants. Many of the buildings in this area are new, however some of the older, historical edifices remain standing, such as Askew-Taylor Paints and Art Supplies, which has been open since 1946, and Elmwood, a 19th-century house which has been home to many judges, ambassadors and other prominent North Carolinians.

Some of the trendy boutiques of Glenwood South include Revolver Consignment Boutique and Catch 22. Countless bars and restaurants also flood the area offering cuisine from a variety of cultures and tastes.

One of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Raleigh, the 110 block area is one of the fastest growing metropolises and provides a plethora of entertainment in the unmistakable atmosphere that makes it so popular today. If your clients are looking for a lively atmosphere that maintains a close-to-home aura, Glenwood South is an outstanding option.

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