Thursday, December 10, 2009

REALTORS Foundation of the Triangle Makes Gift

Carolyn Kasdorf, President, along with Phyllis Brookshire, Eddie Speas, Joey Robbins presented a check for $3,200 to the representative, Jayson McCoy, of the Triangle Real Estate Construction Veteran's Group. Their "Operation Coming Home" builds homes for Veterans who were wounded in action in Iraq or Afganistan. In addition our Housing Opportunity Committee also contributed $4,000 and the state Association contributed $2,000 to the Veterans. This group just finished building a home for a Veteran who lost both legs and one arm in Afganistan. They will use these contributions to start their next home the first of 2010. This marks the first of three contributions given by the Foundation, which was just approved as a charitable foundation only two months ago by the IRS.

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