Monday, June 22, 2009


Three of the MLS staff and myself just returned from our annual meeting with our MLS vendor, Marketlinx. All MLS's that use TEMPO meet with Marketlinx annually to review problems, enhancements and concerns we have with the product. About half of the TEMPO users are now on the T-5 platform. They announced that they will be launching an additional interface with TEMPO by the end of the year which will allow members to implement various aspects of TEMPO that they may use. If you have used i GOGGLE this new system, called Flex, will operate in a similar manner. Agents will have the ability to design their own home screen with just the functions they use and not clutter the screen with all the TEMPO functions. If you only want "search" and "reports" then you can drag those icons onto your home screen and the page will not be cluttered with any other functions. It looks like it might provide an alternative solutions and interface. An agent will be provided two interfaces with the system and not be restricted to one solution.
We also feel that Marketlinx is working to improve systems, functions and most importantly customer service. In addition, they are already looking at the development of a new system to meet our needs in the future.

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